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What is a pivot table?

Pivot Tables explained

A Pivot Table is a powerful tool that is commonly used in Microsoft Excel to help analyze large data sets. It is important because it can answer a lot of questions and pull figures needed quickly and effectively. Pivot tables are an integral part of data analysis which ultimately leads to educated business decisions.

Microsoft Excel PivotTable.

Besides making large data sets simple in just a few clicks, they can automate a workbook for a report. If a workbook’s foundation is built around a PivotTable, it can be easily updated. Saving time by automation not only leads to a quicker process but also fewer mistakes.

Understanding what a Microsoft Excel Pivot Table is, will allow one to use them effectively. We offer how-to guides for recognizing when to use this tool, how to use the pivot table fields, avoiding common mistakes, setting up PivotCharts, and much more. Just check out our guides for free excel pivot table training.