How to Make a Pivot Chart

Pivot Table charts are a great tool to be used hand in hand with PivotTables. This allows for a graphic to be linked directly to a pivot and is an impactful tool for data visualization. By the graphic being attached to the pivot, it will be updated whenever the PivotTable is refreshed with new data.

First, it is best to recognize what kind of chart is needed and set up the pivot table accordingly.

Click here for help with creating a Pivot Table.

In this case, we want a chart showing the value of assets in each state by a percentage based on the PivotTable data below.

Microsoft PivotTable including states by total value.

To insert a PivotChart, select the pivot table and click on PivotChart while in the PivotTable Tools menu as shown below.

PivotTable Tools>Analyze>PivotChart

Inserting a PivotChart from the PivotTable tools menu.

Here you can choose the desired chart. The previews can also be viewed on the right side when determining what chart is needed. We will be selecting the classic pie chart.

Selecting a pie chart to be inserted as a pivot chart.

The result is a PivotChart that is a customizable pie chart based on fields selected in our PivotTable.

A PivotChart for a data set.

Now we have our chart tied to the data in our pivot table that will update accordingly if data is changed or updated. We also could customize our chart any way we would like and quickly filter as needed.