How to Pivot a Pivot Table

Can a Pivot Table be Pivot Tabled? Yes, and the process is simple for those who know how to create a pivot table.

As for recommending Pivoting an existing Pivot Table, it is not recommended. In most cases, one is better off making a different Pivot with the same data set. That is because there can be other calculation issues depending on what values are summarized by in the existing pivot.

To get started, select all the data of the existing Pivot and insert a new pivot by going to the Insert tab and clicking “PivotTable” as shown below.

Inserting a Microsoft Excel PivotTable.

Afterward, just go through the Pivot Table menu as normal. Make sure to double-check the correct data is selected and the desired location is set.

PivotTable data selection and location.

The hotkey option to this request is alt>D>P. Following this will prompt the following.

As done before, select the pivot data ranges.

Selecting PivotTable data.

Next, choose where you want the new Pivot Table. In this case, I am selecting to keep it in the empty cell selected I4.

Below is the result. When working with the new pivot one must be aware of the grand total line from the previous pivot table (if that row was included).

A pivot of a pivot.