How to Show Different Values in a Pivot Table

There are a lot of values data can be shown in a PivotTable. These values include:

Here is a pivot table showing all values in the default sum value.

Default summarize by sum in a pivot.

In this practice, we are going to want to display the average bedrooms, bathrooms, and square feet of each. We will also summarize each value in the pivot table as needed.

There are two ways of changing the value. One way is via the pivot table tools as shown.

Click the arrows by a field and in the value field setting change it to average.

Summarize values via PivotTable fields.
Summarizing a value field in a pivot.

Or you can simply right-click the column on the Pivot Table itself and summarize the values as needed.

Right clicking on a column to summarize values.

After summarizing all values as averages the end result will look like this.

PivotTable values summarized by average.

Now we need to show the results largest to smallest based on average square feet. In order to do so, right-click on the pivot column and select sort>sort largest to smallest.

Sorting values largest to smallest in a pivot.

But how can we show the top 10 states by average square feet? In order to show the top 10 of a value in a pivot table simply go to the row labels>value filters>top 10.

This will prompt the options to pop up as shown below. Here we can choose to show from top or bottom, a chosen amount of values, and a format. In our case, we are going to leave those as default and select to have the data by the Average of SqFt.

Pivot top ten filter options and setup.

Doing so will get us our final item in this practice.

PivotTable summarized by average and showing top ten.